Best Value Laptops: 2011 Recommendations

Below are our reviews of the best value for money laptops currently on the market. These are the deals and bargains that are just too good to miss so make sure you check them out before they disappear. They offer the best value for money giving you great performance at the lowest possible cost.

Best Value Laptop for Under £300

Lenovo G550 - £260

For £260 Inc VAT the Lenovo G550 offers exceptional value for money for anyone looking to save money on a laptop. The Lenovo G550 impressed us with its well balanced specification at such a low price providing you with the perfect spec for office or general home usage.

Do not be put off by the Intel Celeron brand as this Celeron processor is so similar to Intels Dual Core line that you will not be able to tell the difference and better yet it uses less power giving you longer battery life on the road as well as lower electricity bills at home. Despite what laptop manufacturers would want you to believe, 2GBs of RAM is still more than enough for a modern laptop and wont hinder your performance at all in home or office applications. We also believe that the 250GB hard drive is more than sufficient for the average user and if not we recommend an external hard drive that won't only increase you data storage space but act as a handy backup for your data.

Overall this laptop will be perfect for internet surfing, office applications, watching DVDs or streaming Films. It's integrated webcam makes it ready for video conferences and chatting with your friends and its above average surround sound speakers are a unexpected bonus that should more than cater to your music needs

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Best Value £500 Gaming Laptop

Dell Inspiron 15R

For £499 the Dell Inspiron 15R is an immense spec giving you a powerful multimedia machine and gaming laptop. Play virtually any game on medium graphics settings for those smooth looking graphics but without having to spend a small fortune. That's because this laptop has the nVidia GeForce GT 525M graphics card which gives it a massive performance advantage over most laptops in this price range with integrated graphics cards.

Thanks to it's latest second generation Intel i3 processor navigating through windows or switching between programs will be a breeze. The 7200rpm 500GB hard drive will speed up your windows and program loading time as well as provide more than enough storage space. With 4GBs of DDR3 memory you can rest assured you will never be held back by your RAM. Right now the Dell Inspiron 15R is our favourite all round laptop on the market. Our verdict is simple: BUY ONE!

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Best Value Laptop for Under £500

Dell Studio 15 15.6

For £479 the Dell Studio 15 15.6 offers exceptional value for money for anyone looking to have a powerful laptop. Using the latest technology including Intels latest i3 processor DDR3 memory, and ATIs HD 4570 512MB graphics card, enables the Studio 15 to tackle all programs you through at it including demanding games making all of the latest games playable provided you reduce the graphics quality to medium. For under £500 this laptop performs at the levels of most £700 laptops making it an bargain for virtually all laptop users perhaps with the exception of the hardcore gamers.

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Best Value For Money £600 Gaming Laptop

Dell Studio 17 £629

For the gamers amongst you that demand high frame rates and high graphics quality will know that finding such a gaming laptop can cost a bundle. Today all that has changed with the £600 Dell Studio 17 featuring a monster ATI HD 5650 1GB graphics card letting you tackle all of the latest games on high settings. As it stands you cant find a better graphics card in a laptop for under £1000 making the Studio 17 an absolute steal.

To make things even sweeter you also get he latest Intel i3 processor, DDR3 RAM, a nice HD 17 inch screen, and even a 7200rpm hard drive to increase your loading times. In all our years of reviewing laptops we cannot remember when we last saw such a fantastic gaming laptop for this amount of money.

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