Dell Studio 15 Laptop Review

The Dell Studio 15 is shockingly good value for money for the quality and performance. Up to now our favourite medium range gaming laptop has been the HP Pavilion DV6 with its great balance of hardware components and power graphics card at its price range.

Picture of a Dell Studio 15 gaming laptop

The Dell Studio 15 has a fast Intel 2.0Ghz dual core processor which will be able to handle any program with ease and will provide you with some good future proofing as new programs grow more demanding over time.

4GB of ram running at a very fast 800Mhz will not only be more than enough to run multiple programs smoothly but their 800Mhz clock speed will give you a nice boost when gaming.

Our favourite hardware component in the entire laptop is the ATI 4570 graphics card. This card is roughly 20% faster for gaming than the HP Pavilions ATI 4530 that we loved so much and will be able to handle even all of the new games on medium and possibly even high settings. The additional benefit of the ATI 4500 series graphics cards is they use very little power giving you a longer battery life when you dont have access to a plug.

With the massive 320GB hard drive you will struggle to use all the storage space giving you plenty of space for backing up all your files and having all the programs you own installed at once.

Yet another place where the Studio 15 shines is with its 15.6 inch high definition LCD monitor giving you a fantastic quality screen with the ability to watch movies in HD. This monitor is far superior to all other laptops in this price range.

As you would expect the laptop is fully compatible with wireless internet and a DVD re-writer to burn your own CDs and DVDs. Finally, Dell are providing a free upgrade to the new Microsoft operating system Windows 7 as soon as it is launched so dont worry about buying the studio with Vista and missing out on the new Windows.

At under £500 at the time of writing this is hands down our favourite gaming laptop at this price range.

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