HP Pavilion G6-1326ea Review

The Pavilion G6-1326ea 15.6" Laptop is an entry laptop with a dedicated graphics card to boost graphics performance. Priced at £350 it is targeted at the mass market and average laptop user suggesting that it should be up to the task of running a little bit of everything.

Picture of a COMPAQ Presario CQ57-426EA laptop


HP have done a great job to bring a little bit of colour and style to the G6-1326ea. Available in two colours; blue and red, adds a bit of variety from the standard black and gray cases that most manufacturers use. We also like the design of the laptop as it shows HP have paid attention to making the thing look good as well as performance well.

It is also worth paying attention to the height of the laptop as it is noticeably thinner than most on the market.


The Pavilion G6-1326ea uses the AMD Dual-Core E2-3000M processor which while being a more than capable processor is noticeably slower than the Intel Core i3 range of processors.

The good news is that the graphics card makes up for any lack of oomph from the processor. The card is the AMD Radeon HD 6380G which should make short work of any HD movies you want to watch on your laptop and is even capable of playing the latest games albeit on low graphics settings.


The laptop ticks the memory box by coming with 4GBs of RAM which is the optimal amount these days and the 500 GB hard drive is generous indeed.

We take our hats off to the HP engineers as the G6-1326ea offers an incredibly well balanced specification where all components complement each other with similar performance levels, eliminating those performance bottlenecks we often see through poor design in more expensive laptops.


As expected these days you get a DVD RW letting to burn DVDs, full wireless capabilities, a 720p HD 15.6 inch screen and 3 USB ports. The Pavilion G6-1326ea also comes with a built in web cam and card reader if you want to quickly get data from your SD card.

The battery life is stated as 6 hours by the manufacturer which is well above average. We would caution that battery life is dependent on how hard the laptop is being worked and would suggest that you shouldn't expect more than 5 hours during general use.

The Verdict

The Pavilion G6-1326ea is a well balanced laptop that will suit most users. It will make the ideal, home, office or student computer as well as a cheap entry solution for laptop gamers. It is incredibly well priced and will challenge far more expensive laptops.

The only users we would not recommend this laptop to is the high performance user running demanding video editing and CAD programs or the heavy gamer.

Best Laptop Review award the HP Pavilion G6-1326ea 89%.