HP Pavilion g6-1353sa Review

The HP Pavilion g6-1353sa is HPs offering for the mass market powered by an Intel processor. At £380 it is more expensive than HPs AMD based entry laptops but it does promise to possess a little more processing power.

Picture of a HP Pavilion g6-1353sa laptop


Based on the Intel Pentium B960 processor the Pavilion g6-1353sa will benefit from the latest technology. The Pentium B960 is effectively one of the very popular re-badged Intel core i3 processors being sold to the entry market at cut prices. As a result the performance is very very nippy especially compared to AMDs basic offering.

The processor is coupled with Intel HD 2000 graphics which is a graphics chip integrated onto the processor. While it will have no problem playing HD movies or running most programs, gaming on this chip will be limited so graphics setting will have to be turned down to their lowest settings, that's if some of the newest games will run at all.

We are pleased to see the usual 4GBs of RAM which we consider perfect. The 750GB hard drive is huge if not almost too big. The file hoggers amongst you will enjoy such a big hard drive as you probably wont ever need to delete anything to make room for new stuff.


The g6-1353sa uses the current Pavilion range case which we love. Very sleek, stylish and with a modern finish the coloured case breaks the trend of boring gray and black laptops. The keyboard layout is well thought out with the keys large enough to make typing comfortable. Similarly the larger wrist resting areas will make longer typing sessions more comfortable.


There is nothing too unusual to report on in terms of features. It has 3 USB ports which is a good number while the media card reader is a nice addition for reading and saving to SD media cards. The built in web cam will be useful for chatting to friends and family while the Altec Lansing speakers should provide higher than average sounds quality which laptop speakers often lack.

The HDMI port is also useful for connecting to your HD ready or full HD TV providing a quick and easy way to stream movies from the internet.

The Verdict

We like the processor that has an ideal amount of power but its a shame the graphics card is a little underpowered. We cant say that if offers anything too special in comparison to other laptops in this price range, but at the same time it isn't lacking anything either. We would recommend this laptop to the average PC user and would only issue a warning for graphic designers, video editors and gamers as the graphics card may struggle to meet your needs.

All things considered Best Laptop Review award the HP Pavilion g6-1353sa 82%.