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If you are not sure about some aspects of laptop technology or are a beginner with no idea of what laptop might be ideal for your specific needs, then below are our articles, guides and tutorials to help you choose the best possible laptop.

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Things to Avoid when Buying Cheap Laptops

We all love finding a great bargain, but with cheap laptops its quite tricky to make sure you are getting value for your money. There are a number of things manufactures will do to try and keep their costs down which ultimately mean that you will get an inferior laptop. The following are their tricks revealed so you don't fall for their trap.

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What Is The Best Laptop Processor

By far the most frequently asked question by our readers is which is the best laptop processor. The answer depends on a variety of factors mainly what you wish to use your laptop for.

These days there are only two major processor manufacturers: AMD and Intel. Both make good processors and there is usually little to choose between the two brands in terms of performance so do not get caught up on choosing between the two brands. Instead, you will need to compare performance levels of individual processors to determine which is the most powerful. This can be done fairly easily by searching for processor benchmarks and reviews showing you performance results in nice little charts.

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What Is The Best Laptop Memory (RAM)

The tricky thing about memory is that if you do not have enough in your laptop your notebook will seem very sluggish and slow, however once you do have enough RAM then adding more will have no effect on performance what so ever.

Most laptop manufacturers boast about their laptops having 4GBs or more of ram but in truth you will struggle to find a laptop user that uses more than 2GBs. As a result the additional 2GBs that they have paid for never get used. Therefore as a general rule when buying a new laptop is to aim for one that has 2GBs. If it has more then fine, but do not spend extra money to upgrade the memory.

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