LENOVO Essential G575 Review

We know what you are thinking: Lenovo? never heard of them. Fair point, but im sure you've heard of them as IBM. That's right, Lenovo builds IBM laptops and also sells these laptops via its own brand Lenovo. This presents the opportunity of getting what is essentially an IBM laptop at far cheaper prices. The Lenovo Essential G575 is an entry laptop priced at just under £300 which is pretty much as low as the price tag goes, so lets take a look at what goodies you get for your money.

Picture of a LENOVO Essential G575 laptop


The Lenovo Essential G575 is powered by a AMD C-50 dual core processor which sits in AMDs energy efficient line or CPUs. Power efficiency comes at a price the cost of which is performance. Clocked at just 1Ghz per core the C-50 is definitely no power house. It will manage to chug through your office apps, music, movies and surfing but will lack that noticeable responsiveness that you get with more powerful laptop processors. The C-50 uses just 9 Watts of power which is very very low suggesting that the laptop should be quiet and run quite cool, not to mention the battery life that should be greatly enhanced as a result.

The processor comes with a built in AMD HD 6250 graphics card which actually offers a good amount of performance. This will help make up for the lack of processing power for things like watching HD movies, graphic design work or even light gaming. The 4Gbs of RAM is a perfect amount or anything you could want to run on this laptop while the 320GB hard drive should be sufficient for more most users, if a little small compared to other offerings.


The dark gray / Black casing has nothing special to boast about, even though the lid does have a bit of a brushed feel which does add a bit of character. The keyboard keys are well defined and feel meaty which should make them good for extended periods of writing while giving them a good longevity in terms of reliability. Overall the build quality is up to scratch as you would expect from the tough standards of IBM.


The keyboard does have a number pad which will suit number crunchers while the 0.3 MP web cam, which is an entry level web cam but should do the job for video conferencing. One thing we don't like is the small number of USB ports of which there are just 2. After you plug in your mouse, that leaves you with just 1 port left for the rest of your gadgets and in our experience that is at least 1 USB port shy of optimal. Another is the average battery life, rated at just 3.5 hours it will manage the average amount for the laptop, not something we expected with a laptop using an energy efficient processor, however understandable for a full sized 15 inch laptop.

One neat feature is the face recognition. Yup that's right you use your face as your password. It's a nice party trick but not really necessary for a home or office PC. The rest of the features are quite standard but by no means unimportant with a very nice LED 15.6 inch screen, WiFi, DVD RW, and of course a full copy of windows 7.

The Verdict

An energy efficient processor that promises longer battery life ends up as an underpowered CPU with average battery life. Sounds a little like the worst of both worlds. The lack of more USB ports also worry us. Having said that the decent graphics card and quiet operation of the laptop are a big bonus. At this price we are not far from recommending this laptop however its few flaws are just a few too many, especially when there are laptops at this price range that have the performance edge over this Lenovo.

Best Laptop Review award the Lenovo Essential G575 76%.