Best Pink Laptops

Some of us need not think twice when deciding what colour laptop to buy, when you want pink you, you need pink! That is why we have gone ahead and rounded up not only the pinkiest of laptops around but actually reviewed their performance too letting you have your pink laptop while making sure you get the most for your money and end up with a laptop that does everything you need it to.

Below are our pink laptop recommendations sorted by price with the cheapest pink laptops shown first and more powerful but expensive ones lower down our list. We have also found the cheapest prices for each of our recommendations so that you get the best deal.

Pink Dell Inspiron 15

Dells recently updated Inspiron 15 gives you the latest laptop technology with the new Intel i3 processors, DDR3 memory and best of all you can get a pink one! You will also get the latest Intel graphics chipset: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD letting you watch movies in HD and it will even allow you to play games like The Sims 3.

To make your Inspiron 15 pink, simply select the pink colour choice when customising your laptop at the Dell site. There are also purple and baby blue as colour choices.

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Best Pink laptop: Dell Studio 15.6 £480

Pink Dell Studio 15 15.6

For £479 the Dell Studio 15 15.6 offers exceptional value for money for anyone looking to have a powerful laptop. Using the latest technology including Intels latest i3 processor DDR3 memory, and ATIs HD 4570 512MB graphics card, enables the Studio 15 to tackle all programs you through at it including demanding games making all of the latest games playable provided you reduce the graphics quality to medium. For under £500 this laptop performs at the levels of most £700 laptops making it an bargain for virtually all laptop users perhaps with the exception of the hardcore gamers.

To make your Studio 15 pink, simply select the pink colour choice when customising your laptop at the Dell site.

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