TOSHIBA Satellite C660D-1GR Review

The TOSHIBA Satellite C660D-1GR is Toshiba's answer to the price conscious buyer who is looking for decent performance at a low price. Looking to appeal to the mass market the Satellite C660D-1GR looks like it could achieve this.

Picture of a TOSHIBA Satellite C660D-1GR laptop


Running a AMD Dual-Core Processor E-300 we immediately see that Toshiba are looking to provide an energy efficient laptop. Performance will be more than adequate for daily computing but the processor does lack a bit of power compared to other processors on the market.

The graphics card is the AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics which will provide more than enough power for the average user. Gamers may even be able to play most of the latest games but they will need to turn the graphics settings down to low.

The 6GBs of RAM Toshiba placed in this laptop is a little over the top as 99% of people that buy this laptop wont even use 4GBs but it certainly wont do any harm. The 320GB hard drive is quite average and should suit most users as it offers a good amount of file space.


Well its Black. Make of that what you will, it looks quite nice with a bit of a modern touch. It also has a number pad which makes it easy for those that do a lot of number crunching.


One thing we don't like are the lack of more USB ports. 2 ports is all you get and we cant help feeling a lot of people will struggle with some of their gadgets. The rest of the features are quite generous with a SD card reader, a web cam and a nice and bright LED screen. The battery life should reach close to 5 hours which is impressive even by today's standards.

The Verdict

At just £320 the TOSHIBA Satellite C660D-1GR is pretty cheap making us far less concerned over the few minor dislikes we hold against this laptop. It will do a great job for most users as a home or office PC.

Best Laptop Review award the TOSHIBA Satellite C660D-1GR 84%.