What Is The Best Laptop Memory (RAM)

The tricky thing about memory is that if you do not have enough in your laptop your notebook will seem very sluggish and slow, however once you do have enough RAM then adding more will have no effect on performance what so ever.

Most laptop manufacturers boast about their laptops having 4GBs or more of ram but in truth you will struggle to find a laptop user that uses more than 2GBs. As a result the additional 2GBs that they have paid for never get used. Therefore as a general rule when buying a new laptop is to aim for one that has 2GBs. If it has more then fine, but do not spend extra money to upgrade the memory.

The exception to this rule would be for laptop gamers as games tend to use vast amount of RAM. That does not mean that 2GBs wont be plenty, but for added peace of mind and to play the latest games on their highest settings go for 4GBs. Most users will not need to pay much attention to the speed of the memory which is measured in MHz i.e. 800MHz. Gamers however should aim for 800MHz RAM or faster to get that little performance boost in games keeping in mind that the performance gain will be little, around 2-3% increase in overall computer speed.

Some readers ask if 1GB is enough memory and the simple answer is usually yes. Office or internet laptops that are used for office applications, surfing the internet and email will not require more than 1GB of RAM. However, if you are one of those users that has a lot of programs running at the same time, you might want to consider 2GBs.

The great thing about laptop RAM is that it is the single easiest component to upgrade or replace leaving you the option of upgrading it in the future when buying more RAM is always cheaper.